Zodwa Wabantu : Sex with me is Free! I do not make people pay


Zodwa Wabantu has been involved in a lot of drama lately. She recently learned photos of her were being used to attract people to porn sites.

The controversial entertainer, whose real name is Zodwa Libram, said when she learned her photo was being used on social media in connection with sex videos, she didn’t hesitate to contact her legal team.

Several Facebook posts from different accounts are being used to get people to follow the links. The posts also ask people to leave their numbers so they can receive videos of Zodwa having sex on WhatsApp.

One post on Facebook reads: “Bad sex video of Zodwa linked. Is Zodwa going crazy? You can’t believe Zodwa Wabantu posted a video of herself f***ing four giant men in a hotel.”

Zodwa said she would make sure the false advertising stopped.

“I do not sell sex. I am not in the porn industry. When I read about this, I was so disturbed that I decided to do something about it.

“I will make sure this thing stops. I use my body to dance and make money but I don’t sleep my way to the bank. No one has heard that Zodwa slept with someone to get money.

“I am not a sex worker.

“I have been followed by drama lately but I don’t like it. I am not a Zodwa of dramas.It seems I have a lot of haters, most of them women.

“I think these posts were created to ruin my reputation but I’m not going to give my haters satisfaction.”

Digital forensics practitioner Doreen Mokoena said: “It’s unfortunate that Zodwa’s image fell prey to a classic marketing ploy called clickbait. Fraudsters or hackers encourage unsuspecting victims to click on links filled with malicious content.

“In Zodwa’s situation, the creator of the link wanted to mimic technology which has the ability to swap the faces of porn stars or victims of revenge porn with those of celebrities.”

Doreen said images used for the porn sites or clickbait links were often taken from the victims’ social media accounts.

“These images are carefully selected to spread the creator’s massage.

“There are legal remedies for the victims. They can sue for crimen injuria, a crime under South African common law.

“It as defined as the act of unlawfully, intentionally and seriously impairing the dignity of another person.”